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William (Bill) Bloss


University of Birmingham

This is my personal research site.  University page here

Atmospheric processing affects the current and future composition of our air, with impacts upon human and environmental health, air quality and climate.

My group's work improves scientific understanding of the causes of poor air quality, and hence the development of effective policy measures for Clean Air.  We focus upon the sources of atmospheric pollutants, and the chemical processes which remove some air pollutants and produce others.


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Atmospheric processing affects the current and future composition of our air, with impacts upon human and environmental health, air quality and climate.  My research group addresses areas of atmospheric chemistry and clean air science and policy, including

- Understanding the sources and transformations of air pollutants in the urban atmosphere, ranging from trends in the UK to developing megacities such as Delhi

- Quantifying the sources and sinks for atmospheric oxidants: impacts from processes such as new reactive nitrogen emissions and particulate-mediated renoxification

- Applying air pollution science to improve local and regional air quality policy measures

Our work combines atmospheric field measurements, simulation chamber and laboratory studies and numerical modelling approaches.  Fundamental understanding of the atmospheric chemical system is placed in an applied context: working with partners to apply clean air science for improved human and environmental health.

This is my personal research website.  Please also see my official University of Birmingham homepage, and links from there to related work by colleagues.  Scroll down for news, current projects and research group members.

Opportunities: I'm happy to discuss ideas for PhD research projects and applications for funded fellowship schemes.  Please send me an email (ideally with your CV and an outline of your interests and ideas).  Our funded job opportunities within research projects will always be advertised externally through sites like, and on the University jobs pages.

Research Projects
Current Research Projects

WM-Air: Clean Air Science for the West Midlands

WM-Air is a five-year impact-focussed project applying environmental science expertise to deliver improved air quality and health across the West Midlands, working in partnership with over 20 public and private sector stakeholder organisations.


Air Pollutant Sources in the Delhi NCR

ASAP-Delhi is assessing the sources, formation process, burden and characteristics of air pollutants in Delhi, with a philosophy of deriving pollutant source, budget and behaviour insights from direct atmospheric observations.


Atmospheric Reactive Nitrogen Cycling over the Ocean

Photoenhanced reactions on aerosol particle surfaces may convert NOx sinks into NOx precursors, changing atmospheric oxidising capacity.  We are investigating this new mechanism in the laboratory and through field measurements at the Cape Verde atmospheric observatory.


Birmingham Air Quality Supersite (BAQS)

BAQS is one of three national urban air quality supersites, providing detailed online characterisation of air pollution levels, responses to policy interventions and emerging trends

Research Group

Research Group (See also WM-Air Team)

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Dr Jian Zhong

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

WM-Air Project / EU RI-Urbans

19531 WM Air Pull Up banner AW.jpg

Dr Roberto Sommariva

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Modelling Indoor Air Quality - IAQ-EMS project led by Christian Pfrang

Personal Website


Dr Vasileios Matthaios

Marie Curie Fellow

Real world vehicle emissions & in-cabin exposure.  Vasilis is currently on his secondment year at Harvard.

19531 WM Air Pull Up banner AW.jpg

Dr Siqi Hou

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Birmingham Air Quality Supersite (BAQS)

Andrea Mazze02.jpg

Dr Andrea Mazzeo

Regional Air Quality Modelling

WM-Air / Indoor Air Quality Sources (IAQ-EMS project led by Christian Pfrang)


Maryam Makanvand

Doctoral Researcher

Air Quality and Health

Nicole Cowell.jpg

Nicole Cowell 

Doctoral Researcher

Novel Air Quality Sensors for PM Measurement

Led by Lee Chapman

Research Group Alumni

Former PhD / Graduate Students

Dr Karn Vohra

Postdoc at UCL

Dr Helen Pearce

Now at Air Quality Consultants

Dr Manna AlWadei

Lecturer at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia 

Dr Steven Thomson

Now at Babcock

Dr Tara Rasoul

ClNO2 Modelling

Dr Danny Blenkhorn

Now at Kore Technology Ltd

Dr Lubna Al-Saadi

Lecturer at the University of Qatar

Dr Hao Huang

Air Monitors UK / ACOEM

Dr Jian Zhong

WM-Air Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Dr Suad Al-Kindi

Lecturer at Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Oman​

Dr Salim Alam

Assistant Prof at University of Nottingham

Dr Vivien Bright

Research Scientist at UK Met Office​

Dr Kate Faloon

Postdoc positions at Leicester and Leeds / NCAS

Lucy Concannon

MPhil student: Azko Nobel

Former Postdocs

Salim Alam

Associate Prof at the University of Nottingham

Louisa Kramer

Now at Ricardo AEA

Leigh Crilley

Now at York University, Toronto

Mike Newland

Postdoc positions at UEA and the University of York

Marie Camredon

Lecturer at LISA, Paris

Juan Najera

CIBION, Buenos Aires

Shana Saha

BSP Optical Performance Centre, Birmingham

Catherine Bale

Postdoc at the University of Leeds

Microsoft ExCel - Advanced

Microsoft Word - Advanced

Power Point - Proficient

Adobe - Proficient

French - Mother Tongue

Spanish - Advanced


William Bloss - Biography


Google Scholar

Web-of-Science / Reseacher-ID Profile


Research Funding

UKRI funding via Grants-on-the-Web


Professor of Atmospheric Science,

Interim Pro-Vice Chancellor and Head of College, Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Birmingham

2007+ :  University of Birmingham

2001 - 2006: Research Fellow; Lecturer, School of Chemistry, University of Leeds. 


1999 - 2001: Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

1995 - 1999: Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), University of Cambridge

1992 - 1995: BA (Natural Sciences – Chemistry), University of Cambridge.

1991 - 1992: Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Deacon Laboratory


Strategic Advisory Board, RESAS Scotland

Clean Air Advisory Panel for Wales

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

Chair, RSC Environmental Chemistry Group (2013 - 2015)

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